My identity has been stolen!

So, let me just share what’s been on my heart lately.

A couple weeks ago, I was getting my headlight fixed, and I started thinking…Who am I? (Random, I know!)

I’m stretched so thin as a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and now a TEACHER! My gosh….who the heck am I for real?! Have I lost myself in all these roles? Where is the fun, always laughing, my life is a natural high, energetic, Ton Ton from back in the day?!?

How do I get her back?

That was on a Monday. Well, that Wednesday at church, the sermon was on our IDENTITY. But not our “worldly identity”…our identity in Christ. Hmmmmm….

Maybe THAT’S what I’m missing?! Who am I in Christ? What is His purpose for me? And why do I feel like I’m not fulfilling that purpose?!!?

Ok, so fast forward to several days ago. We were at the beach, and the whole week I’m waiting for this big “AHA!” moment when God reveals my identity and tells me my purpose. I wait. And wait. And wait. But no “AHA!” moment. I started feeling pretty broken. Worthless. Confused. But then….me and Parker went walking on the beach to find seashells. I kept finding these really big broken pieces of seashells. I kept throwing them back, because I wished that I could find the whole BIG seashell. But after about the 3rd broken seashell I picked up, I heard God whisper…..”You see broken, but I see mended.”


There are things in my life that makes me feel so broken. So useless. So hopeless. But God does not see me like that. I may see the broken pieces of my life, but He sees me as mended because He sent His Son to put those pieces back together.

My identity is not found in the things of this world….it’s found in Him. I am a daughter of The King, and He calls me His PRINCESS!

Satan stole my identity, but I’m on a journey to get it back!

Join me on this journey, and let’s figure out who we really are!!!

Goodnight, friends!


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