15 more Friday’s til Christmas!

Yeah…..you’re welcome!!

I saw this on Facebook today and was like, wow…..thanks for that friendly reminder! {insert: eye roll} {insert: anxiety meds}

Am I the only one absolutely NOT ready for Christmas to be right around the corner?!? I mean, don’t get me wrong….I love.love.love Christmas! But this year…..I’m not ready for it.

#1 reason) We.are.broke. We’re trying to get ahead financially with the both of us quitting our jobs and starting our own businesses. We’re just trying to make sure our lights stay on….much less buying a bunch of crap for our kids!!!

#2 reason) Our 9 year old just found out about a month ago that Santa isn’t real. La-dee-freakin-dah. That puts a real damper on Christmas. I mean, we make sure our kids know the real meaning of Christmas and everything….but Santa still used to be a big part of it. This year is just going to be so different. Her little brother still believes….but it’s just not going to be the same.

We haven’t even made it to October yet, and the kids are already making their Christmas lists. Which, by the way, consists of a bunch of stuff they’re NOT going to get. Golf cart. Like, what??? What have your daddy and I done to make you believe that you’re on the verge of getting a golf cart? A new iPod. Um….what’s wrong with the iPod and iPad you already have?!?!? A bike. Ok, check. I can handle that. But I mean,c ‘mon. You’re 9 and 7. I was literally still playing with legos and baby dolls at that age. And you want a PHONE? Yeah. Right.

Since when did our kids start growing up so fast? How do we make it stop?

I know it’s a different time…..but that doesn’t mean that we all have to just go along with it. There’s still something special about walking the dogs as a family. Or playing a board game. Renting a movie and laying in bed together to watch it. Or having a picnic. What about even the rare occasion that a family sits at the table and has dinner together?

Y’all. This is important stuff. And it’s getting less and less common. Families are becoming more and more busy. Take your child out of an extracurricular activity, and use that free time to spend together as a family. They need it. You need it.

One thing that has really been bothering me lately is how much time I’m spending with my kids. Lol. Yes, you read that right. This homeschooling stuff is making me feel very isolated and lonely. But just the other day, we were riding in the car and I was literally thinking “Man, I need some ‘me time'” ….and right about that time my little boy said (out of nowhere)…..”Mama, I love homeschooling” and I asked “Why?” and he said….”Because I get to be with you all day.” Oh.My.Word. I felt like a brick hit me in the face. It was like the Lord said, “Tonya, you’re doing this for a reason. And your efforts are not being doing in vain.”

It’s not about the THINGS I’m buying them….or the PLACES  I’m taking them. It’s about the TIME I’m spending with them. THAT is what it’s all about.

So, as you enter this approaching Christmas season….make it about family time, and not about gifts. Slow down and enjoy each other. And I’m talking to myself. The past several weeks have not been very “enjoyable.” But I’m determined to seek the Lord each day and figure out what my purpose is for that day. He has me in this season for a reason. People ask me all the time……”How is homeschooling going?” And I simply reply….”I’m just taking it a day at a time.”

Goodnight, friends!


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