I get knocked down–I get up again!


Have you ever felt like this Bozo punching bag toy? Remember having one of these as a kid? You put water in the bottom and you can punch it and it’ll pop right back up…

That’s how I felt today. Like a Bozo punching bag.

I was standing up straight this morning. I had my quiet time, and I was feeling good.  But over the course of the morning, my patience started to wear thin, and all of the sudden I was knocked down!!!! I didn’t pop right back up. I got in the bed and sobbed. After about 45 minutes, I got back up.

A couple hours later, I got knocked back down. Again, I didn’t pop right back up. My little Bozo punching bag was pretty deflated. I was feeling very defeated. My husband and the kids went to the gym, and I laid in the bed (once again) feeling very down. I was knocked down, and I did NOT feel like getting back up again. Actually, a couple times I tried to get back up, walked around the house, moved to the sitting room…but ended back up in the bed. Y’all….I was feeling like something had knocked the life out of me….and I had no idea why?!

But I can tell you one thing…..at 5:00pm I decided that I had had enough! This was ridiculous. Satan was not going to win this war! I got out of my bed, stomped around my empty house and told satan to beat it! My prayer went something like this:

GOD! I NEED YOU!!!!!!! Restore my joy……take these feelings of guilt and failure away! Satan, I REBUKE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! Get out of this house!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that, I straightened the house up a little bit, put on my shoes, and left the house to conquer some errands that I had been putting off. I was NOT going to lose this war that I had been fighting all day.

Good try, satan. But my God is bigger….and His strength is made perfect in my weakness!


Goodnight, friends!


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