Comparison is the thief of JOY!

So, I’m continuing to get feedback and requests from friends and followers of this blog. I’m actually blown away by the feedback I’m getting. I’m so glad that my transparency is touching your lives. It’s actually blessing mine too! There’s something powerful about being real and sharing your life and testimony with others.

Tonight a good friend of mine pointed out the problem that social media presents with comparison. I’ve touched on this a little in a previous post, but tonight I want to camp here for a bit.


People post good (sometimes fake) things that are happening in their lives. People post a picture that took them 15 tries to get right. People take 100 pictures and videos of special events in their lives ONLY so that they can post them on social media. How many of those pictures do you think are being printed out and put in an album?? I’ve actually known wives who have logged on to their husband’s FB account and posted something about how “great their wife is”… That’s a little extreme. Y’all, this is what we’re comparing ourselves to. WHY?!?!

God blesses us differently. His will for us is not to compare ourselves to other people so that we feel inadequate. Over the past couple of years, I’ve started seeking my identity in Christ….not in man. (but it’s a daily struggle)

I’m not the weight I wish I was…..I like to eat too much!

I don’t live in a brand new, super huge house….my husband started his own business and we’re having to cut back financially.

I don’t have perfect kids… kids intimidate me!

I don’t dress cute everyday…..I rarely even shower!

I don’t drive the car of my dreams….mine has 140,000 miles and I just want to pay it off!

I’m not supermom, or wife of the year…..I have to take anxiety medication just to be halfway tolerable!

But all of that is ok. It’s ok because I’m ok with it. I wish I could lose several pounds, but I’m healthy and that is a blessing. My house isn’t huge, but we have a roof over our heads and that is a blessing. My kids aren’t perfect, but they’re healthy and that is a blessing. I don’t have name brand clothes, but I have a closet full of “decent clothes” and that is a blessing. I don’t drive a a brand new car, but mine can get us from point A to point B and that is a blessing. I’m not supermom or trophy wife, but I have a husband and 2 kids that love me and that is a blessing.

If you get wrapped up in comparison, it WILL steal your joy. And you know where that comes from?….SATAN! He comes to kill, steal, and destroy your joy. But when your strength is found in the Joy of the LORD, you will be able to stand straight with your head lifted high.

You were created in the image of God. Does that not make you feel special??? He didn’t create you in the image of a donkey, or a whale. He didn’t create you in the image of your best friend, or your sister-n-law. He created you in HIS image. And everything He reflects is rooted deep down within you….and me. You are unique, and your purpose is unique. If you try to be someone else, then you are cutting yourself short…..because only YOU can fulfill YOUR purpose. Dwell on that tonight. Find JOY in who God says you are. Because you are the only you. God created you…..and He doesn’t make mistakes 🙂

Goodnight, friends!


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