My 9 year old is 19!!!

Y’all, why do our daughters grow up so fast?!?

I feel like when I was 9, I was enjoying being 9. But my 9 year old is acting like she’s 19. She wants a phone. She wants snap chat. She has a crush. She’s ready to start driving. She’s acting too grown. WHAT DO I DO?!!??!?

I dropped her off at camp today for the 3rd year. Which means, I starting dropping her off at camp when she was 7. Just her and her best friend. No church group. No chaperone {that I know}. Just her and her friend. And she loves it. She would stay all summer if I let her! Thankfully she DID kiss me goodbye today. When the day comes that I don’t get a kiss, I may just check in to Whitfield.

Abby and I butt heads A.LOT. I correct her behavior. A. LOT. I get on to her. A. LOT. I’m just so afraid that she’ll become a “mean girl.” Because y’all….girls are mean! And I’m determined to force Abby to be a “non mean girl.” But the more I think about it, the more I realize that she is so much like me. And the behavior that I see as negative is actually the personality that God has given her. That doesn’t mean that I don’t need to correct bad behavior….but it does mean that I need to stop suppressing the character traits that God has blessed her with. Trying to find that line is the hard part.

So, tonight I end this blog with a sigh. A sigh because:

*I miss my baby. Monday seems like an eternity from now.

*I don’t know how to parent a 9 year old. Much less a 19 year old.

*I need help. I need a mentor to come into my life and tell me that it’s all going to be fine.

*I’m just a mom that is striving daily to get it right. Or just get something right!

Goodnight, friends!



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