When the going gets tough…

So….the past month has been TOUGH! We packed up a 3,000 sq ft house, moved, and have started {slowly} unpacking into a 2,200 sq ft house. Needless to say, I threw away a lot and gave away a lot. When I got tired of packing, I just took a load to Goodwill! LOL! 🙂 #declutter

My anxiety was out.of.control. It’s slowly getting better, but it got real bad. A couple weeks ago, I sent a group message to my Small Group girls and asked if they would meet me in the prayer room at church and pray with me! #askforhelp

Since then, God has revealed over and over how powerful prayer is. I watched War Room on Friday, and this afternoon I started working on my very own “War Room.” I’m ready to wage war on satan and the grip that he’s had on me and my family. This household is under new management! {quote from the movie War Room} #pray

We’ve also had some financial strain. Michael {my hubby} started his own insurance agency on July 1. We went from having a really good, steady income….to having…not a whole lot. It will take time for Michael to build his business, and in the meantime….we’re cutting expenses {insert: homeschool}. I was working part-time at a local store as an interior designer, but I quit a couple weeks ago.I also have my own business {SCOR home prep…..look me up on Facebook} The purpose of my business is to stage homes to sell, but God has sent me a different clientele. For the past 6+ months, I have been cleaning houses for people. It’s something my mom has done since I was little, but I’ve never had a desire to clean other people’s homes…..I can barely keep up with my own! However, I love helping people! It’s not an easy job, but it’s a rewarding one. It’s also helped our family financially, and I’m so thankful for the unexpected ways that God provides!!!!! #Godwillprovide

I share all this to say…..life is tough. It doesn’t always go the way I think it should. That’s the purpose of this blog. To share #reallife with you. God’s ways are not my own….but they’re ALWAYS so much better!!!!! Allow Him to push you out of your comfort zone. Because often times being comfortable means that we become complacent. Wake up in the morning and ask God to make you #uncomfortable!

Goodnight, friends!


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