#reallife….why share?

Ok, so I’ve been thinking for a while now about starting a blog. Why???…

Not because I’m a writer. Or an important person. Or live a super cool life.

But because  I want to share my “real life” with you in hopes that it will encourage you, entertain you, and educate you. Social media is a “highlight reel” for many people. And I’ve fallen into that trap. I’ve deleted Facebook several times because I just can’t handle how perfect all my Facebook friends are!!!! GAG! I’ll scroll through my news feed and then feel left thinking…..

“Why aren’t my kids that perfect?”
“I wish my husband was like so-and-so’s husband”

Am I the only one??? I mean, geez! Why can’t we all just be real with each other? Life is hard. Parenting is hard. Marriage is hard. Friendships are hard.

Let me tell you a  little about me. I’m happily married. No, really, I am. We’re celebrating 10 years of marriage this year, and let me tell you…..it’s been a freakin rollercoaster. We’ve had highs….lows….and our fair share of loop-dee-loops! But I.am.in.love.with.my.man. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have hard days. {insert: my mental breakdown I had today and went off on the entire family because my husband brought home a puppy, the day after we moved homes. Could we unpack some boxes first?!?!?} Anywayyyyyy…..I have 2 beautiful children. {insert: the word I used today was bratty…..but they are beautiful, bratty children} I love being a mom….I really do. But I promise to be real in this blog. So, I will share the good–and the bad. I just celebrated my 32nd birthday, but I honestly still feel 22. {insert: anxiety medicine, cellulite, 10 lbs heavier, and a 9:00pm bedtime} But most importantly, you should know, I am a Christian. Which means….I believe that God sent His only Son to die for my sins (and yours), He was buried, He arose, and He’s coming back! I believe that with my whole heart….but living in that faith is the hard part. Life.Is.Hard. God.Is.Good. I.Am.Sinful.

Whew….how do we navigate through this life? That’s what I want to share with you. The real life struggles about real life. Follow this blog, and let’s help each other along the way. {insert: this is not comfortable for me….but I want women to know that you’re not alone!}


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